Contractor Timesheets? Sorted !

Timesheets, invoicing and expense management for recruitment companies

Still asking your contractors to fill out timesheets by hand, get them authorised and hoping they’ll remember to drop them off at the office?


Timesheets for Contractors

TimeGenie is pay-as-you-go timesheet management software, timesheets for the digital age, that saves you time, lots of time.

Everything happens in the custom branded online portal that you, your client and your contractor can access 24/7 on your laptop or mobile.

  • Simple for your contractors to use
  • Customisable timesheet formats
  • Timesheets completed in minutes not hours.

Delight your Contractors

With a TimeGenie timesheet your contractors will be able to access timesheets on their mobile and complete in seconds. At the end of the week, they click a button and send it for approval.

That’s it, that’s all they’ll have to do. Each week they get a new timesheet - automatically. Easy for them, even easier for you.


The agency portal is where the magic happens.

TimeGenie gives the agency full control over submitted timesheets.

  • Brand everything with your company livery and wording
  • Manage your contracts to control the timesheets
  • See financial totals and run reports
  • Manage reminders and export routines
  • Friendly CRM style interface
  • One-click access to portals

Why waste their time and yours if you don’t have to?

TimeGenie is pay-as-you-go timesheet management software, timesheets for the digital age, that saves you time, lots of time.

  • Your branding and logo across everything
  • Customisable timesheet formats
  • Automatic email alerts and reminders so you’re not having to chase the clients or contractors

TimeGenie Stories

See how TimeGenie is helping recruitment companies to support contractors submit timesheets in a timely manner

Osbourne Richardson

Hi, i'm Nick Shore from Osborne Richardson, Australia. I just wanted to leave a quick testimonial for timegenie.

We've got about 80 Contractors a week working for us and previously using paper time sheets, which are very time consuming, laborious and, I guess, left us prone for human error.

Watch my video for the full testimonial.

Discover how TimeGenie can save you and your contractors hours of work, and significantly reduce errors in your time sheet management



TimeGenie is packed with a host of features designed to
streamline the Timesheet submission and approval process.


Your portal for your personnel. No-one sees thetimegenie, they see your logo and branding.


Different contracts, client and hours? Don’t worry we’ll shape your Timesheet formats to match


Automated alerts & reminders streamline your processes improving response rates


Feed your Time and Expense data into your preferred accounting package error free


Fast and easy data entry via mobile devices speeds up and improved submission rates


Photograph receipts on a mobile phone to provide expense information quickly and easily


We believe pricing should always be transparent and simple
Ours couldn't be simpler. You buy a bundle of timesheets that you can use anytime within 12 months.
All of our features are included in this price, no hidden gotchas.

10 Timesheets

£2.90 each

20 Timesheets

£2.50 each

50 Timesheets

£2.25 each

100 Timesheets

£2.00 each

200 Timesheets

£1.70 each

350 Timesheets

£1.40 each

Need over 350 at a time? Call us so we can work out a bulk buy rate.

You don’t need to pay anything now. Register and we will immediately set up an account for you to try TimeGenie

TimeGenie is Trusted by these Agencies

The customer service from timegenie  has been amazing from start to finish and it's so easy to use - 100% recommended.

Implementation was quick and easy. The timesavings e have seen in our back office are huge! i'd thoroughly recommend it and it was so quick and easy to roll out.

We have seen significant cost savings and process efficiencies since implementing timegenie across our 8 office locations across the country

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