Frequently Asked Questions

Product Features

Yes, we will host for you your own Timesheet portal, under a name like – it will look like its yours and be named as if its yours.

Yes, you can edit your own emails to include or exclude logos and have whatever text you like in them. All emails will be sent from you and if replied to will go to you. Aside from a small footnote at the bottom of each mail thetimegenie is never seen, it is your Timesheet portal to serve your Clients and Contractors.

You can create an account at our register page, this will take a few hours to be fully functional. We’ll ask you for a logo and some other data to personalise your portals, and you are good to go!

Yes, we are happy for you to trial the system for up to one month. During this time your portal will not be personalised but it will be fully functional. You can use real Contractors and Clients, or pretend ones with your email addresses in.

Over the years we have been asked for just about everything. We can provide Timesheets with multiple rates rows, with start/stop times, with just a total of hours worked, days, or standby or night rates, or a mixture of the above. We’re confident we can make a Timesheet to fit your contract, and if we cant then we will build it for you.

When a Timesheet is approved it is locked down and can no longer be edited. We generate a PDF copy of the Timesheet and email it to all parties for their records. The Timesheet is then passed into the Pay and Charge invoice processor, and passed into any output feeds that are configured.

Yes, we can store many approvers, any one of which can approve the Timesheet. Or, we can set rules that more than one person must approve the Timesheet.

Yes, in these cases we will build a special rule to rearrange the hours worked into their correct boxes. We just ask the Contractor to tell us the total and we do the rest.

Yes, actually we can provide Timesheets for whatever period of time you need. Weekly is by far the most common, then monthly and 4-weekly.

No, the pay invoice and charge invoice processes are separate. They can match (weekly Timesheet and weekly invoice) or they can be different (weekly Timesheet and monthly invoice). Its completely up to you and how you want to serve your Clients and Contractors.

Yes. Each Contract you setup can have its own Timesheet type and collection rules, all of your Timesheets do not have to be the same.

Yes, there is a reminder email system built in and you choose the time it is sent. It will also remind clients with one email at certain times showing how many Timesheets they have in their queue. Of course, if you would prefer not to bother anyone these alerts are easily turned off.

Yes, we can interface with most accounting and payment systems. Typically this is done at predetermined times of the week, or it can be produced manually on demand.

Yes, if a Contractor comes to the portal using a mobile then they are automatically redirected to a mobile friendly site. Over 40% of the Timesheets we process are entered on a mobile device.

Yes, if a Client comes to the portal using a mobile device then they are automatically redirected to a mobile friendly site.

Clients can approve Timesheets individually or on mass from a list. They will be asked to approve and optionally have to provide a secret PIN number to complete the action. Optionally, we can send a “One Click Approve” mail that includes the Timesheet hours in it, and a button to approve straight from the mail, there is no need to login in this case but (optionally) extra protection is provided with a PIN.

Yes, thetimegenie has an API that any system can use to send and receive data. Typically this means you can setup new contracts from placement data in a CRM, and receive back Timesheet data – but we can do all sorts if we have a cooperative vendor. If you do not have a CRM system already, and are looking for one then we have a partnership with the guys at that is already integrated and can be running from day zero.

We operate support from 9am to 6pm UK working hours Monday to Friday. In the unlikely event of a system issue our technicians work outside these hours until the problem is resolved. We ask that you (the agency) support and educate your Contractors and Clients; we will provide you with sample emails, documentation and the tools to help them, then if you need us we will be there to help you. We also provide an initial training bundle, to show your key users the experience your Contractors and clients will have and how to use the control panel. All of this is included in our published pricing.


We charge in advance. You buy a number of Timesheet credits and as you use the application and generate Timesheets, you tick down your credit quota. When you get close to running out we email you asking if you’d like to buy more credits.

We don’t provide refunds for unused credit. It quick and simple to buy more credits online so we suggest start small and add to it as you grow.

Unfortunately not. All credits need to be purchased online, via our Website and through the secure Barclaycard payment portal.

Yes, you’ll be able to download or print your VAT invoice when you buy your credits.

Data and Security

We take data security very seriously. Our servers are located in a secure Tier 1 data centre. They run the latest protected software and are professionally managed in a secure environment behind uprated firewalls. All of our portals are protected using https secure socket layer using 256 bit data encryption. The site itself is password protected and that password is stored in an encrypted format that even we can't read, the same is true of all the usernames and passwords for your clients and contractors. All information is backed up on an hourly basis, so it won't get lost if the service goes down for a little while. Plus, we believe strongly that your data belongs to you. For that reason, we provide the ability for you to export all of the data you've entered in a simple, comma-separated format, which is basically a text file that can be read by any spreadsheet or text-editing program.

The data we hold is yours. If you leave we will provide you with a CSV file containing all of your data and a zip file containing all of your PDF files. We will then erase all this from our systems. We don’t make a charge for this, we treasure customers that want to use our software and if for any reason you don’t, we respect that and will help you on your way with these files.