10th March 2019: London Going mobile...

Get an app they said. No we said, why not ? they said ... well 

We could make an app but to make it in your colours we'd need to make one just for you, that's expensive and hard to maintain. We also don't believe that all of your users want an app on their phone, or will download it - and if they don't do that then they wont submit an electronic timesheet, and that's what we're trying to do here - right ?


So instead we have made some really nice mobile pages. If you come to thetimegenie on a mobile device you will be taken there automatically. Its all branded so its your mobile pages. No downloads, no fuss, no excuses. Timesheet, done !


20% of our timesheets are submitted from mobile pages, so someone likes them !


Oh, and our mobile pages are free.