What are the best 3 ways to reduce stress for busy recruiters?

What are the best 3 ways to reduce stress for busy recruiters? (clue: only one is workable…)

This year has been a challenging year. The pandemic and the effect it has had on the economy is a case in point. This post talks about the best ways to reduce stress for busy recruiters.

Could you have imagined a year ago how the way we work would have changed so drastically?

For recruiters, this seismic shift in the economy and job market has seen them get significantly busier on the contract side of their business as companies reduce their payroll costs by shedding permanent staff.

So why the increase in contract workers?

Even though permanent staffing has been reduced, companies still need skilled staff to take up the slack and keep their businesses running. Using contractors and temp staff gives them the flexibility to adjust staffing rapidly, increasing or decreasing temps as the business requires.

This increase in demand for recruiters to place temp and contract workers is a double-edged sword.

Though being busy, especially when there are so many companies struggling to keep their heads above water, is of course a positive situation to be in, it does however create several potential headaches for recruiters.

Other than the logistics of finding the temp and contract workers with the skills are in demand by employers, the key problem is logistical. 

With an increase in the number of contractors and temps, the number of timesheets will rise, as will the time to process them and chase temps for timesheets to ensure they get paid. Read more about how the way we work is changing here.

There are three obvious options to reduce stress created by this extra workload

  1. Hire extra staff to chase and process timesheets
  2. Employ a developer to custom build timesaving software
  3. Timegenie

1. Hiring extra admin staff

This is the first solution most busy recruiters think of when they run out of capacity to cope with their extra workload. After all, you’re in the recruitment business, so hiring is an obvious choice and seemingly a quick fix.

However, this requires consistent accuracy so there aren’t any errors inputting the time sheets and a pleasantly persistent manner to get the time sheets in.

2. Software Development

When you’ve realised that it is an exercise in futility hiring more staff to run what is essentially a broken system, you’ll cast about for a better, more efficient option.

Let’s automate it, you’ll think. I’ll hire a software chappy and they’ll have it done in next to no time…

Many thousands of pounds later and still without a viable system to replace the hordes of staff you’ve hired to make the manual system work, you’ll admit defeat and sack the software guys.

3. The TimeGenie

What if there was an option that saved you the expense and stress of a manual system without the cost and stress of the software chaps?

TheTimeGenie is a timesheet management software that takes the pain out of timesheets and invoicing and expense management for clients, contractors and agencies.

Contractors can fill out their timesheets on their smartphones or tablets. Clients can approve them with the click of a button and agencies no longer have to process timesheets, that’s automatic, and the software connects effortlessly to your accounting system.

No more frenzied chasing of timesheets as you can automatically send reminder emails to contractors and clients.

TheTimeGenie is fully customisable with your branding and colours and the timesheets are customisable too, irrespective of what your client needs. Thetimegenie is timesheets for the digital age.

We want your transition to a digital solution to be completely seamless, so we offer a 30-day free trial to let you input actual clients, real contractors and process real timesheets. See how straightforward it is to use and we’ll even throw in a free personalised demonstration so you can see all the clever little features we’ve designed to make your life a lot less stressful.

Once you’ve tried TheTimeGenie, we’re confident you’ll never go back to a manual system.To get your free trial and to arrange your demonstration, go here